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Social media

It is production and delivery of decentralized content. You create your own media outlet. To micro, small, medium entrepreneurs, acquiring your own media channel may be a good investment, because if the media is yours then you use it as much as you want.

Just to be present in social networks is not enough, you have to talk and listen.

When a person or company uses a social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to serve and propagate their ideas, products and services, they are using what we call a Social Media tool.
Viral content

Upload, talk about things that your audience cares about and that is in connection with the type of product or service you sell. Be useful to your audience, relate to them.

It is very important to be aware of what will be shared with your audience, and especially to understand their needs. These relationships will surely increase sales because if they are satisfied and informed, customers come back to buy more and refer the website to friends.

  • Facebook - Networking sites are great tools for content dissemination and are even more powerful when coupled with a Website.
  • YouTube - Content Social Networks focuses more on creating and sharing content.
  • Twitter - Microblog is targeted for sharing brief content quickly.
  • Blogs - Web pages focus on dissemination of thoughts.
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